Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak Review

  • Stability
  • Durability
  • Design
  • Price
Pros: We were impressed with the Sea Eagle Inflatable kayak, takes 30 minutes to set-up and you are ready to go. This kayak is perfect for fishing or just gracefully floating across the lake. The material is very durable and will withstand any rough rocks that are hiding around the corner. All in all a great inflatable kayak.
Cons: One problem we did have was the back support of the chairs, they were not much comfort when it came across rough waters. However, this can be resolved if you purchase extra back support pads.

Sea Eagle has been making kayaks for many years, they have poured their engineering and design expertise into the Sea Eagle. If you are looking for a great kayak, look no further. This sit-in inflatable sport kayak can take you wherever you wish to go, want to shoot the rapids? Want to go out on the ocean? The SE370 can handle white waters to vast oceans. This kayak features two molded skegs and a hull that will make your paddling easy and will make it easier to stay upright. Want to just paddle around a still lake? The SE370 can take you there.

The Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak lets you take it where you want to go. No need to take along another person to help carry it, unless you want company. The SE370 only weighs 32 pounds. The kayak, paddles, foot pump and all of its components fit well into a single tote bag. No need to find a boat hitch or boat launch. Just go to the water, unpack the tote bag and within 8 minutes you will be on the water enjoying the day!

Worried that an inflatable kayak will not take the punishment? Worry no more. The kayak is constructed from a material that is tough enough to allow you to take your dog with you without risking any tears or scratches and will hold up to anything you might bump into while on the river, lake or ocean. Want to take someone with you? The SE370 can seat 3 people. Want to take along camping gear? This versatile kayak can carry up to 650 pounds without sinking under you.

The Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak comes with 3 removable seats. This allows you to take the SE370 on solo trips and have additional cargo room. The seats inflate for use and fold up for storage in the kayak tote bag when not in use. The seats do not provide much in the way of back support and there are no footpads, so you do sacrifice some paddling speed and comfort, but when you are out on the water, it is always a great day.

There is a self-bailing drain valve which not only helps keep your feet dry but allows for quick and easy emptying of the water that does splash into the kayak. This drain is really useful when you are taking the SE370 out on the ocean or down the white water. It empties while you fold the kayak up for storage after you return to dry land.

The foot pump is easy to use. There is no need for strong lungs to inflate the kayak. The pump is powerful enough that you will not need to purchase a separate pump. You simply use the foot pump on each of the air fill valves until you feel the resistance. A template is on the kayak that makes it easy to tell if the kayak is properly inflated.

Want to relax on the lake and do some fishing? The SE370 can do that too. Since it is a sit-in kayak, you will not have to stand or kneel while fishing. The large cargo storage will hold your rods, bait, fish and perhaps a cool beverage or two. The downside to using the Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak for fishing is that it does not come with any rod holders. However, there are several good YouTube DIY videos that show you how to attach your own set of loops for relatively little money. All your really need is some bungee line and some ties to create all the loops you will every need. Looking for a single sit-on-top kayak as well? Why not read our review for the Old Town Predator 13 Kayak as well.

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What I Like about the Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak with Pro Package

  • Perfect for people new to kayaking but versatile enough for experienced paddlers
  • Durable and maneuverable
  • The collapsible paddles are easily stored in the same bag as the SE370
  • Paddling is less labor-intensive due to the 2 skegs
  • The lightweight design makes it usable for one person
  • The optional QuickSail package allows you to add a sale for expanded recreational options
  • The tough construction makes the SE370 usable on both the ocean and whitewater, be sure to get a boat kayak canoe carrier dolly for easy transportation.
  • Can be easily customized for various recreational uses

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