Ocean Kayak 12-Feet Malibu Two Tandem Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak

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Pros: This kayak can hold two adults and a kid or pet which makes it a perfect kayak for family trips. The design that it flaunts, its versatility and the generous space all of these allow a comfortable and enjoyable kayaking experience. Its adjustable footrests and multiple sitting positions add to its long list of pros.
Cons: While there are benefits, there are some flaws as well. There is a bit of blemish in the product quality. But, mostly the users have been happy with their kayak. Although, there have been issues with a small width of the kayak. Also, the limited range of color choice has been a disappointing point for the customers. Most users prefer other colors than orange which seems to be the most dominant and available option out of all other colors.

Kayaking is one of the very old sports, which seems to be in the spotlight of increased interest in recent years. One reason for the sudden love of kayaking is that it is both recreational and exercising. Although the sport is very interesting, it is fun as long as a good kayak is used. The Ocean Kayak Malibu two-tandem sit-on-top kayak is the perfect match for lovers of kayaking, because of its perfectly designed equipment. This 12 feet long kayak allows space for 2 adults and extra space for a kid or pet.

The features and specifications of this ocean kayak ensure great floatation, balancing and smooth movement through the water. This kayak is 34 inches wide with 18.5-inch seat width for the stern position, 20.25 for the center and 16.25 inches for bow position. It has a patented footrest for more comfort and three molded-in wells for seats. The kayak itself weighs around 57 pounds and claims a maximum weight capacity of 375-425 pounds. Extra detailing includes- gear straps, Skid plates, molded-in handles, and stern and bow carrying handles. The hull and deck design of this kayak allows easy stacking of multiple hulls so that they can be easily stored on the dock. Because of the size of the kayak and adjustable footrest, anyone would be comfortable while paddling irrespective of their leg length.

ocean kayak malibu

The stability, design, and versatility of the Ocean Kayak Malibu two-tandem sit-on-top kayak are incomparable. The design of a kayak is very important because that is what gives the kayak a level of stability. This sit-on-top recreational kayak exhibits a hull and deck design. This ocean kayak is specialized in effortless multiple hulls stacking and dock storage. It has a distinct design which is noticeably different from all the other kayaks in the market. The skid plate, light-weighted design, multiple sitting and padding positions, footrests, and capacity to hold in a good amount of weight, all of these form equipment which is recreational as well as exercising at the same time. This ocean kayak is extremely dynamic and can easily regain its balance in rough water conditions. It has a characteristic feature of adapting to the movements of water and making it easier to enjoy kayaking without worrying about the water conditions.

When buying kayak things that you should keep in mind are space and capacity. Even though kayaks are only meant to hold a certain weight and number of people, the design and space should be such that it encourages comfortable kayaking. This recreational kayak is designed to hold two adults plus a child or pet with an appreciable amount of comfort. The seats have enough settling position and you can easily sit in three different positions, such as bow, stern and middle. This makes it easier to perform solo or even tandem padding. One more thing that you should ensure before buying a kayak is that you buy it from licensed distributors who can guarantee original products only. It looks very similar to the Old Town Predator Kayak which we also loved!

What I Like About the Ocean Kayak 12

  • The Ocean Kayak Malibu two-tandem sit-on-top kayak is one of its kind.
  • It is versatile, safe, user-friendly and adaptable.
  • The kayak company is a good manufacturer of exceptional kayaks, so you need not worry about the quality.
  • The benefits of choosing Malibu two-tandem recreational kayak over others are quite straightforward. Besides, the capacity and space of the kayak, the aesthetic attributes and safety are very assuring. So, this is one thing that is a must on your list when you are planning for a trip alone or with family.

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