Best Sit On Top Kayak Reviews

Before choosing a Sit On Top (SOT) kayak, you must first determine how many will be in the kayak, what you are going to use it for, how much gear and cargo you are going to carry with you, how you are going to transport and carry the kayak, and finally, how much you want to pay for the kayak. Keep in mind we mentioned some of these fishing kayak reviews on our homepage as well.

How to Choose the Best Sit On Top Kayak

  • Number of Passengers – Are you planning to paddle solo or take a partner with you? If you are taking someone with you, you are looking for a tandem kayak. If each of you will be paddling by yourselves, then multiple solo SOT kayaks are what you want to purchase.
  • SOT Kayak Uses – Are you going to use your kayak on rivers, lakes or both? Will you be using the kayak on still water or will you be riding whitewater? If you are only going to paddle out on lakes and still rivers, you can go with a SOT kayak that is of medium dimensions. This size is easier to turn and handle than a longer kayak. It will not be as fast, but you are not looking to race across the lake. Wider kayaks are more stable. Whitewater requires more sturdy construction and a longer, narrower profile.
  • Cargo Capacity – Are you looking to take gear with you to go camping? Do you need to carry a log of fishing gear? What about taking your dog? Or your lunch? Think about whether you want to carry gear to stop along the shore and have a comfortable picnic. Taking a lot of cargo with you will require a larger SOT kayak and it will be slower to paddle and harder to maneuver.
  • Transportation and Storage – Larger SOT kayaks will weigh more and will be harder to carry. Inflatable kayaks are lighter and easier to transport and store but require time to inflate and deflate. Rigid kayaks can generally take bumps around on rivers with a lot of rocks. Remember, you need to get the kayak from your home to the water if you want to use it.
  • Cost – There is a wide variety of SOT kayak designs available. The prices vary widely. Cost is an important consideration, but you must first think of the above points before you can balance the costs versus the uses you want.

Perception Kayak Pescador Pro 12 Kayak

The Perception Sport Pescador 12 kayak is a versatile SOT kayak. It has a broad shoulder and a tracking keel. This provides this kayak with a great feel on the water. You will experience the ultimate in maneuverability coupled with stability. The glide in the water is phenomenal. The Perception Sport Pescador 12 kayak delivers speed when you want it. It can also give you a relaxing day idling on the water. It features a tank well with bungee as well as dry storage in the bow of the kayak. While this is not a specialized angler kayak, you can certainly use it to carry your fishing gear when you want to take it fishing.

The durability of the Wilderness Systems Commander 120 kayak allows you to take this kayak to those areas where the fish love to bite. You will not fear underwater stones or branches. The maneuverability is exceptional for a 12-foot kayak. As is true for longer and larger kayaks, the Wilderness Systems Commander 120 makes it easy to stand upon. It tracks well, even with the wind blowing. This kayak does not need a rudder, but you can get one and it is easy to attach.

The mango color provides good visibility, which is important when sharing the water with other watercraft that are not always looking low in the water for kayakers. There are so many benefits with this kayak that if it is on your list of potential purchases, you can have full confidence in selecting this model.

Native Watercraft Kayaks

Native Watercraft offers a full line of kayaks that include both paddling and peddling options. If you do not want to paddle, choose the peddling propulsion system. If you do not want to peddle, you can choose the paddling propulsion system. There are both solo and tandem options in both types of propulsion systems. They offer kayaks from 10 feet to 15 feet long.

They have kayaks designed specifically for fishing and others that are great for just touring around on the lake or river. Native Watercraft kayaks are not priced at the lower end of the spectrum, but the kayaks are built to last and so you can expect to be using your Native Watercraft kayak for many years to come.

native water craft


Future Beach Kayaks

Future Beach offers a wide range of SOT kayaks that are sure to meet your kayaking needs as well as your kayaking budget. They range in length from 8 to 13 feet in length. They offer SOT kayaks for solo and tandem uses. Future Beach kayak lines offer options for cargo size and where you want to take the kayak – river or lake or even ocean surf. The Freedom 144 will give you speed and maneuverability while the Freedom™ 160 will give you stability and larger cargo capacity. The Nexus™ 156T is a tandem SOT kayak is a high-performance kayak.

The CK™ 100 is a perfect starter solo SOT kayak while the CK™ 200 is a perfect starter tandem SOT kayak. On the smaller end of the spectrum, you can choose the XXTREME™ 96.0 with its 8-foot length and high stability and maneuverability. Future Beach kayaks should definitely be on your list of manufacturers when you are looking at a new kayak.

Ocean Kayak Frenzy Kayak

The Ocean Kayak Frenzy SOT kayak is 9 feet long and weighs only 43 pounds. Even at this relatively small size, you can carry 275 to 325 pounds of cargo, allowing you to not only carry this kayak but use it to carry you and all of your gear. It is a solo kayak that features a very durable Comfort Plus Seat Back that is well padded and can be adjusted 4 ways. You will be comfortable paddling this SOT kayak all day. No matter what your size and body type, you will be able to adjust this kayak to maximize your comfort. However we recommend you buy some new paddles are these are not the best, read our guide of the best kayak paddles of 2019.

The Ocean Kayak Frenzy SOT kayak has a stern tank well and bows deck storage. Both feature bungee cords to keep cargo in place. This kayak is great for a beginning kayaker. It tracks well and can be augmented with up to two center hatch kits. The yellow color provides safety due to its high visibility. The orange color will keep its color even in strong sunlight. Reviewers have reported being able to take this kayak on rougher waters, such as the Great Lakes. You will not be disappointed in this kayak, it is powerful as the Hobie Mirage Revolution 13.

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